210 e. Pine st.

Lakeland, FL


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Welcome to Vapestars Vaporium!


In my time both as a vaper and a reviewer in the vaping community, I have seen vendors come and go, some good, some bad. Some here for the right reasons, and some just here to make a buck. I really think I can bring a new perspective to the table. Keep in mind I am small and simply can not offer as many products as the big guys right off the bat.




 I launched Vapestars Vaporium to: 

  • Provide a safe & secure place for vapers / adults over the age of 18 to get the gear they want / need. 
  • Make products available to vapers in all areas, not just where vaping is "popular"
  • To provide what vapers want, no matter the budget, not just what someone WANTS you to buy. 
I will always be fair, honest and open to suggestions from the community.
Browse around a bit and check back often as inventory will evolve, grow and change depending on what YOU want..